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Want to learn more about State Farm? Find information about the State Farm brand, the passion of its employees and its mission to be a Good Neighbour, as well as links to the State Farm Newsroom and other resources. From community involvement to disaster response, State Farm is committed to supporting the neighbourhoods it serves and the neighbourhoods our associates call home by helping to build safer, stronger and better educated communities.

Recovering from the Unexpected

From losing everything, to life's smaller disappointments, State Farm means people who care, with unparalleled experience in getting back on your feet.

Our goal is to serve our policyholders

We've been putting the needs of our policyholders first and making decisions that are in their best interest since we began serving Canadians in 1938.

We're here to help customers

You can expect us to help our policyholders get back on their feet after the unexpected hits, no matter what the unexpected is.

We have a passion for helping people

We are passionate about helping build safer, stronger and better-educated communities.

"Being a good neighbour" is not just a slogan; it's a promise

"Being a good neighbour" is not just a slogan; it's a promise to each and every one of our policyholders.

Community Involvement

State Farm is there. For our customers and for the neighbourhoods where we live and work. Learn how we're building safer, stronger, and better educated communities across Canada.

Picture of State Farm's Canada Headquarters

Company Overview

We've come a long way since opening our doors in Canada in 1938. Yet our success is built on the same foundation of shared values: quality service and relationships, mutual trust, integrity, and financial strength.

Learn how State Farm is Staying Green

Whether it's saving trees with paperless billing or researching eco-friendly roofing technology, State Farm is working toward a greener future for all.

At State Farm, A Good Neighbour is a Green Neighbour®.

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