Marketing Sponsorships

At State Farm®, we make it our business to be like a good neighbour and we want to support our local communities through our sponsorships. From art exhibits to sporting events, we welcome opportunities that help make community-led initiatives a reality.

Applying for a Sponsorship

If your organization wants to submit a sponsorship proposal for consideration, please provide a detailed proposal that will help bring your program to life. The more relevant information you provide, the better we can evaluate your opportunity properly. Please include the following:

  • Organization background / overview
  • Detailed summary of program / event being sponsored
  • A description of the potential for success / record of achievement in line with State Farm's overall mission
  • A list of marketing opportunities, including customer-focused programs and ways to build relationships with the community
  • Profile of attendees / demographic data
  • Sponsorship costs

State Farm does not sponsor:

  • Individuals seeking personal help or scholarships
  • Religious programs
  • Politically partisan programs
  • Organizations outside Canada
  • Travel expenses for groups, teams, or individuals

Please send an email of your proposal in a PDF or PowerPoint format here ( for consideration. If your proposal meets our criteria and strategic objectives, a State Farm representative will get in touch with the primary contact listed in the proposal within 15 business days to discuss the proposal's status.