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Auto Safety

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We're committed to making our communities safer and as a leading insurer in Canada, we take auto safety very seriously. We partner with numerous organizations that specialize in road safety research and promote safe driving habits. Alongside our partners, we're working to generate awareness around the real risks on the road to prevent injury and help save lives.

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Canadian Driving Habits

As a leading Canadian insurer, we make it our business to understand the risks of the road. Part of that responsibility is helping Canadian drivers be more aware about those risks and generating positive discussions on how we can prevent injury and death. From wildlife collisions to impaired driving, we're trying to keep Canadians aware, alert and focused on the road.

We asked Canadians [PDF-1.3MB] what they thought the most common form of impaired driving was. Alcohol (54%) and fatigue (32%) were listed as the top two causes for impaired driving. But only 14% indicated recreational and prescription drugs as a common cause. But drug impaired driving is a serious problem.

According to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, 14.9% of fatally injured drivers in 2012 tested positive for CNS depressants. For Canadian drivers aged 65 and older, this number rises to 20.8% testing positive for CNS depressants.

With 65% of Canadians concerned about drug impaired driving, 53% of Canadians feel law enforcement don't have the tools needed to identify drug impaired drivers.

When it comes to our legal system, 62% believe we are not prepared to deal with drivers who are impaired by marijuana.

In 2016, representatives from the Toronto Police Service, Parachute, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and the Traffic Injury Research Foundation participated in a discussion panel on drugs and driving. Together, they shared their concerns about drug impaired driving and some common misconceptions people had around the topic. From prescription drugs to marijuana, drug impaired driving is a serious concern that must be addressed in Canada.

Canadians need to know the risks that face us when we're on the road. And like other forms of impairment (alcohol, fatigue, distraction etc.), drug impaired driving is an increasing concern that drivers must be aware of. To prevent death, injury and additional economic costs, it is important for Canadians to stay alert, stay focused and be aware of the risks while on the road. To learn more about drug impaired driving, see the following:

Canadian Driving Habits: 2016 Driving Survey [PDF-2.5MB]Teen Drug Impaired Driving in Canada

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