Diversity & Inclusion

Workplace Diversity Definition

Diversity is the collective strength of experiences, skills, talents, perspectives, and cultures that each agent and employee brings to our company. It's how we create a dynamic business environment to serve our customers.

Inclusion is about respecting and valuing the unique dimension each agent and employee adds to the organization. We recognize that agents and employees are at their creative and productive best when they work in an inclusive work environment.

When we think about diversity and inclusion, we think of it holistically in terms of the workplace, marketplace, and community.

Employee Resource Groups

We recognize that employees have long met informally to network, mentor each other, develop professionally, and assist the company in meeting its enterprise goals.

Employee resource groups are committed to serving as a resource in the areas of employee growth and development, recruitment, and retention to help us meet current and future needs for a more diverse customer base and employee workforce.

Any employee who supports the group's business purpose is welcome to join and does not need to be a member of the demographic segment the group is formed around in order to participate. We currently recognize employee resource groups formed around these segments:

  • Asian
  • Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender
  • Helping others parent effectively
  • People of African and Caribbean ethnicity
  • Women
  • Young business professionals