Environmental Programs


State Farm® is leading the way in ecologically efficient buildings.

A Good Neighbour is a Green Neighbour®

Our offices and facilities rank among Canada's leaders in ecologically efficient buildings.

Why have we made it our mission to be an environmentally responsible business?Simple: It's part of being a good neighbour.

Our office was built in 2006 with many energy saving features:

  • T8 florescent lighting and electronic ballasts with a lighting control system to turn off non-required lights when areas are not occupied.
  • Heat recovery wheel is used to transfer heat and humidity from our exhaust air in the winter, in the summer the cooler temperature of the exhaust air is used to cool down the incoming air.
  • High Efficiency Boilers are used for heating.
  • Fan Motors and Pump Motors are controlled by variable speed drives so that only the energy we require is used.
  • The building also utilizes a Building Automation System to control the mechanical equipment to run only when areas are occupied.

Green Mission

We are committed to a future where environmental solutions are key to the way we do business.

We will continue to find solutions to reduce our company impacts and help build safer and greener communities.

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