Environmental Programs


At State Farm® we're in the business of planning for the future. And protecting our shared environment is no exception – we've been doing it for nearly 30 years.

State Farm and Recycling

In 1988, we started a proactive approach to dealing with outdated computer equipment. We developed an environmentally safe plan to dispose of outdated terminals and computer screens.

In 2013, our institution-wide recycling policies kept 75,896 pounds of computers and electronic equipment out of landfills.

And our plans don't stop with computers. We recycle batteries, aluminum, glass, plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, fluorescent tubes, printer and toner cartridges. In 2014, the Aurora office recycled 34.68 tonnes of cardboard, 17.56 tonnes of organics, 1.68 tonnes of beverage containers, and 3,558 lamps.

We also implemented a program to recycle organic matter. In 2014, we recycled 17.56 tonnes of organic matter.

Our recycling efforts are only one way we're striving to be not only a good neighbour, but a green neighbour.

Green Mission

We are committed to a future where environmental solutions are key to the way we do business.

We will continue to find solutions to reduce our company impacts and help build safer and greener communities.

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