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Green Driving

State Farm® is a long-time proponent of safe driving. But did you know that safer driving habits can also bring greener driving results?

A Few Minutes Can Make A Big Impact

A few small changes to your driving, and a few minutes spent on planning your travel, can have an enormous impact on you and your family's safety. Not only that, but these small choices can have an impact on the planet too.

Here's an example: how do you usually get moving when the light turns green? "Jack-rabbit" starts waste gas and cause more pollution. In fact, a few seconds of rapid acceleration can produce significantly more carbon monoxide emissions than the vehicle would normally produce over several minutes at a steady cruising speed. Considering Natural Resources Canada says that "varying your speed up and down between 75 km/h and 85 km/h every 18 seconds can increase your fuel use by 20 percent", doesn't it make sense to keep a steadier speed?

Another green idea is to keep your tires properly inflated. Tires can lose one to two pounds of pressure each month, and that number balloons in the winter months. According to Transport Canada, "driving your vehicle with just one tire underinflated by 56 kPa (8 psi) will increase your fuel consumption by 4%, costing you money and releasing extra emissions into the atmosphere." Inflate your tires, save a little money, and save the planet, too.

And finally, the benefits of walking, biking, public transportation, carpooling, and combining trips for errands can never be underestimated. All these alternate forms of transportation are safer than driving. And walking and biking can improve your health, reduce fuel usage, and reduce pollution. Driving just 5 percent less – by combining trips, walking, biking, or taking public transportation – can save you as much as 120 litres of fuel per year.

Visit our YouTube page to view short videos about the above tips and other green driving ideas.

Green Mission

We are committed to a future where environmental solutions are key to the way we do business.

We will continue to find solutions to reduce our company impacts and help build safer and greener communities.

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