Recovering From the Unexpected

From losing everything, to life's smaller disappointments, State Farm® means people who care, with unparalleled experience in getting you back on your feet.

As…a State Farm agent…I've had deaths, I've had divorces, I've had fires.

We are there to hold their hands and walk them through that very personal situation.

State Farm handles some 35,000 claims every day. But to Agents and Claim staff, each represents more than just a business transaction. It means keeping the promise to pay what is owed, promptly, courteously and efficiently. That guiding principle — set by the company founder in 1922 — holds just as true today.

It seems to me that the most important thing we do…is to offer people educated options.

My husband came in one day — I thought he wanted to talk about some taxes. And he let me know that he decided he wanted a divorce and that he wanted to move on with his life. Unfortunately, it didn't include me.

With a divorce, sometimes so many people are financially destroyed, and I did not want that to happen to me. So that's when I turned to Valinda.

We talked a lot about business, but we talked a lot about just life and we were able to roll over her retirement account, provide her with health insurance, and disability insurance. We re-financed her car, we started the process for re-financing her home.

She helped me to see that, they're things you need and they can be affordable.

After her divorce, she decided to…become self employed. And…business is booming for her!

When I walk through those doors every day, I think of her because I know that if she hadn't of given me the determination and all the tools that I need to get there, I know that I wouldn't be there.

State Farm has hundreds of claims offices with thousands of highly trained employees around the country and in Canada ready to respond to customer's needs. But it's the relationships the associate creates with the customer that sets State Farm apart.

Never saw the lady that handled my claim but she was very understanding and very concerned, like she had known me — like she was my next door neighbor.

If you're truly making that connection, you are to some degree sharing that person's pain. You may not be able to take it on yourself, but you're sharing it and you're trying to help them move through it.

It's something that I will never forget. The empathy that you feel is just so deep and profound — it's really life changing.

When there's so much devastation that you can't find an endpoint, it just, it kind of grips you.

State Farm has developed the industry's most sophisticated mobile Catastrophe Team. When disaster strikes, customers can rely on thousands of specially-trained employees, prepared to go anywhere in the country within hours of being notified.

Whether it was a fire, an earthquake or a hurricane…one of the first logos on site is always State Farm.

As a partner, State Farm is there to help people understand what their situation is, where they're going to be staying the night, how they're going to get back on their feet. Regardless of the type of disaster, State Farm is there.