Sales & Leadership Career Profile

The questionnaire was designed by the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA) International to help predict the probability of success in a sales-focused branch of the insurance and financial services industry.

The answers you provide are processed by LIMRA International, compared with answers from a large pool of successful State Farm® agents, and returned to State Farm as a rating. Acceptable ratings indicate a better-than-average chance for success. Of course, an unacceptable rating indicates a lower chance for success. The results do not, however, indicate your chance for success in any other career choice.

By completing the SLCP, you are describing yourself. Each candidate is unique and every person's answers will vary, so be sure to answer the questions honestly.

The questionnaire is not timed and is administered by computer, proctored or unproctored. Any condition or circumstance that might affect your ability to complete this questionnaire should be reported to State Farm prior to testing. If you make such a request, please be prepared to provide verification of your need for accommodation.

Unauthorized exposure to actual questionnaires prior to completing your SLCP will automatically disqualify you from consideration.