Additional Suggestions

Make Emergency Repairs to Protect Your Home from Further Damage

  • Board up broken windows and openings in the roof and walls of your home. Make sure that property is secured prior to leaving.
  • Since coverage has not been determined, if possible, you should consider protecting your property from further damage by removing the water.
  • Take pictures of damaged property prior to repairs, and present these to your claim representative or State Farm® agent.
  • Keep an accurate record of repair expenditures. Submit to your claim representative for evaluation.

Start a Claim

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Protect Your Personal Property from Further Damage

  • Separate items between what can be cleaned and/or repaired from those that can't.
  • List items that can't be saved (include brand name, age, today's replacement cost, model or serial number).
  • Don't discard items until a claim representative says it's okay.
  • Take pictures of damaged property and show them to your claim representative or State Farm agent.
  • State Farm Replacement Service can help you quote and replace your personal property that was lost, stolen or damaged resulting in a claim.

If Your Home is Uninhabitable

  • Advance payment for living expenses may be available.
  • Find temporary housing for you and your family.
  • Keep all receipts associated with the temporary housing, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses in addition to your regular expenses.
  • DO NOT enter into long-term leases until you talk to a State Farm representative.

Make an Inventory

We want to handle your claim as quickly as possible, but you can help by making an inventory of your damage and your damaged property:

  • The inventory should be room-by-room, giving complete descriptions of the damaged property.
  • The description should include brand names, model numbers, age, purchase price, and place of purchase.
  • Other information may be necessary on certain kinds of property.
  • This list will help our claim representative in handling your claim.
  • For your future protection, make a detailed inventory of all your personal belongings. A photographic record of all items is very valuable when it comes to settling claims.