File A Claim

Catastrophe Contact Options

If you are a State Farm policyholder and your home, business, or auto was damaged by severe weather or another natural disaster, you have the following options to contact us and begin the process of reporting your claim.

Initiate a Claim Online

Reporting an auto or property claim online allows State Farm policyholders to begin the claim process through the Internet. This application allows you to report your claim at your convenience.

Contact Your Agent

Your agent knows your insurance better than anyone else and can help you throughout the claim process. If you are unsure about how to begin the claim process, we encourage you to contact your agent.

Call 877-660-0676

This is a toll-free telephone number available to report a claim to a claims service representative.

Why Us?

We've always based our business on one principle: integrity. We'll make sure you get your life back on track in case the unexpected happens.

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