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Severe weather? It’s on your Radar

Get Severe Weather Alerts

Sometimes, a heads up is all you need to prevent damage to your home. With Radar, you’ll know if severe weather is headed your way.

Radar is more accurate than the regional forecasts you get in weather apps. It alerts you if there’s a risk of severe weather within a radius of 500 metres. State Farm® is one of the first P&C insurance companies in Canada to offer such detailed alerts.footnote[1]

How do I get Radar?

Download the mobile app and go to the Radar section. Enter up to 5 addresses you want to keep an eye on and choose the kind of weather you want to get alerts for:

  • Hail (2.5 cm or larger)
  • Heavy rain (50 mm or more)
  • High winds (80 km/h or more)
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes

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[1] All Desjardins General Insurance Group subsidiaries offer this type of service.


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