Privacy & Security

Keep Your Information Safe

We want you to experience the confidence that comes from knowing your personally identifiable information and accounts are safe and secure. Here is some useful information and tips on how to keep your account information and yourself protected from fraud. You will learn the important steps you need to take if you believe your account information was compromised.

Security Safeguards and Fraud Prevention

Rights and Privileges

Browser Security

Protecting your information begins with your web browser. Learn what browsers offer the best security, and how to ensure your digital communication with State Farm® remain protected.


As society evolves and invents new ways to communicate and conduct business, consumers are targeted by scams through a variety of channels. Here are some tips to help you recognize, report, and avoid falling victim to scams.

Preventing Email Fraud/Phishing

Learn how to recognize and avoid the rapidly growing form of Internet fraud known as phishing.

Identity Theft Resources

Learn about government and financial services available to help protect you from identity theft and assist in your recovery if you have experienced identity theft.

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