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Young people, including post-secondary students, are typically looking for the cheapest auto insurance. State Farm® offers discounts to provide inexpensive car insurance for students.1

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How Will Being a Post-Secondary Student Affect My Car Insurance Rates?

  • Post-secondary students may be covered under their parents' auto insurance policy, if the student's primary address is the parent's house. The specifics vary by province, so you may want to discuss them with a State Farm auto insurance agent.
  • Take advantage of car insurance discounts for young drivers.
  • Traffic violations, what vehicle you drive, where you drive, and how much you drive will affect auto insurance rates.
  • If the post-secondary student is driving the vehicle to school, rates may change.
  • If you are buying a new vehicle, you may want to check vehicle ratings and consider which vehicles offer the cheapest auto insurance rates. Also, be sure to contact your State Farm auto insurance agent to add the new vehicle to your policy.

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1Discounts do not apply to commercial vehicles.