Mortgage Life Insurance Solutions Help Protect Your Family's Home

Your home may be one of the biggest investments you'll ever make, and your family probably depends on your income to help make the mortgage payments. So in the event of your death, your loved ones might struggle to keep the home. You can help prevent that from happening. Take an important step now to help protect your home and family with our Mortgage Life Insurance solutions built from our term insurance policies.

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Coverage Amounts: Starting at $25,000

Mortgage Life Insurance

Solutions for an initial or remaining amortization period of:

Years Monthly Amount Annual Amount Term Coverage
15 Years Starting at $10.62/mo* $118.00 Term 20: $100,00
30 Years Starting at $31.28/mo* $347.50 Term 20: $250,000
Term 30: $250,000
Total: $500,000

*Sample rates are for a 25-year-old female in good health. Contact an Agent to receive personal pricing.

How it works

Our mortgage term life insurance solutions helps guarantee your loved ones a tax-free benefit in the event of your death — funds they can use to help with mortgage payments.

  • Policy terms are available for 10, 20, 30 or 65 years and can be combined to cover your mortgage balance.
  • Premiums can be paid monthly or annually.
  • You can choose the coverage you need based on your mortgage balance. Our mortgage life insurance solutions are flexible. As your mortgage decreases, you can decrease your amount of insurance or keep the whole amount in order to cover other needs. You can also convert to permanent coverage in order to leave an inheritance or pay taxes upon death.
  • No matter how large your death benefit, it passes to your beneficiaries generally income tax-free.

Need lifelong coverage? Just convert your insurance to permanent coverage any time the policy is in force — no matter what your state of health.1

Customize Your Policy

Add value to your policy with the following options.

Disability Waiver of Premiums

Helps preserve your policy at a time when income may be limited due to a disability. If the base insured becomes totally disabled (as defined in the policy) prior to age 60 for six continuous months, this optional coverage will waive future policy premiums as they become due as long as the insured remains totally disabled.  This rider coverage automatically terminates on the policy anniversary when the insured is age 60, unless disability occurs prior to that time.


This is only a general description of coverage. A complete statement of coverage is found only in the policy. For more details on coverage, costs, and restrictions, or to apply for coverage, contact a local State Farm agent.

There are limitations and conditions regarding payment of benefits due to misrepresentations on the application or when death is the result of suicide in the first two policy years.